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21 reasons Why CENTURY 21

21 Reasons Why CENTURY 21®
1. Professionally Trained Real Estate Agents
All CENTURY 21® real estate agents have access to the best training programs for real estate agents in the industry, so you can rest easy knowing that the sale or purchase of your property is in the hands of a well-trained real estate agent. Our training program is known as the CENTURY 21® Learning System – the training system having the leading position in this industry. In 2006, this exacting training program was proclaimed the best in its branch by the prestigious American Training magazine.
2. The Best Known Global Brand among Real Estate Companies
If customers look for services of a real estate agency, the CENTURY 21® branch is the first one that a customer calls to mind in countries such as the USA, Canada, France, China, and many other countries of the world.
3. Careful Preparation of the Presentation of a Property
Creating the right first impression is often a key leading to the successful sale of any property. CENTURY 21® real estate agents will give you advice on how to present your property in the best way.
4. Monitoring the Activities and Results of Agents
CENTURY 21® real estate agents know very well such selling techniques that meet your needs the best. The monitoring of results helps to improve continuously the services offered in the area of procuring the purchase or sale of properties. With more than 35 years of experience and the daily development of the CENTURY 21® system we know exactly what works.
5. Solving Details
It is not your job to take care of details. CENTURY 21® real estate agents are ready to ensure all matters concerning your property.
6. Determining the Right Price
CENTURY 21® real estate agents will explain you the market situation, provide you with all necessary information, and will assist you in determining the market price as exactly as possible.
7. Negotiations
Cooperation with a skilled negotiator such as a CENTURY 21® real estate agent who represents only your interests can substantially increase the chance of selling a property at the price you desire.
8. Keeping You Informed about Everything
You do not have to worry about not knowing what is just going on. CENTURY 21® real estate agents will stay in touch with you and will inform you about details of all negotiations that just take place.
9. Attendance of the CENTURY 21 Web Pages
Our global web page www.century21.com is visited by about 2.7 million users monthly, which provides real estate agents with vast room for extending the awareness of their services. Buyers can view almost an infinite number of records with properties on the market that meet exactly the criteria entered.
10. CENTURY 21® – Confidence in the Brand
A famous brand increases confidence in the sale of your property. The internationally known brand CENTURY 21® is placed on your property with your consent.
11. Additional Service
If you need a mortgage, to assess a property, or insure a property being purchased, the CENTURY 21® system will be at your disposal. We will ensure for you access to a complete financial services package.
12. Financing Options
CENTURY 21® professionals will explain you the whole process of financing your property so that you can decide yourself which of the financial products meets your needs the best. CENTURY 21® always cooperates only with leaders in their branch.
13. CENTURY 21 Services
We offer you the CENTURY 21 Services program from buying/selling your property up to moving in proper. The program provides a comprehensive package of services for your property that we provide through a network of high-quality national and local suppliers offering these services and products at competitive prices.
14. CENTURY 21® - Moving (Relocation) System
We will assist you in everything that is necessary when you are moving (moving for your job, moving the seat of the company including your housing, moving from a city to a village, to the countryside, or in a resort area, from an expensive locality to a cheaper one or vice versa, etc.) – anywhere and at any time. CENTURY 21® real estate agents can also offer you a preliminary inspection of a selected locality and provide you with necessary information on schools, social facilities, and temporary leases and many other information.
15. Investment in Properties Abroad
Thanks to the largest real estate network, we are able to offer you and procure the purchase of properties in all price categories in more than 70 countries of the world. You have only to contact your nearest CENTURY 21 real estate agency in the region and the agent contacted by you will arrange for everything that is required.
16. Cooperation of Agents
Thanks to a sophisticated reference system, all CENTURY 21 agents in the Czech Republic who have access to a selection of thousands of properties are interconnected. This cooperation will enable your agent to speed up the process of purchasing or selling your house to the maximum.
17. Exceptional Properties
Unique properties deserve special attention. Our real estate agents know that excess time is such luxury that many owners of properties on this market cannot afford. Our professionals have the knowledge, tools, and a large network of agencies necessary for being able to bring sellers and buyers of unique properties together.
18. Investments in Properties
Are you looking for an opportunity to invest your money on the real estate market? CENTURY 21® real estate agents specialized in these business opportunities have the knowledge and tools necessary for being able to guide you through the market irrespective of whether you are selling a property or are absolute beginners in the real estate market.
19. Fast Progress
The amount of the purchase price is not the most important aspect for many buyers or sellers today. Time is the aspect that determines the successful conclusion of a business transaction many times. CENTURY 21 real estate agents are ready to solve your requirements as soon as possible.
20. CENTURY 21® Innovative Technologies
CENTURY 21® provides its agents with the latest technologies. Thanks to them the time necessary for selling a property is reduced and the quality and comfort of the presentation of properties is improved.
21. Charitable Support
CENTURY 21 branches has been supporting charity programs that help handicapped children and adults to lead their life as independently as possible for 30 years. Since 1979, when the CENTURY 21 system became a sponsor of Easter Seals, we have managed to collect more than 100 million dollars. This money is donated to respected charitable organizations for the support of programs.
In case that you are not satisfied with the level of services of CENTURY 21 real estate agents or agencies and have concrete comments, please contact us at
Entry of CENTURY 21 into the Czech Republic
CENTURY 21 entered the Czech market on 18 November 2008. Last year, when CENTURY 21 Czech Republic commenced officially to grant licences, a great interest in entering the network was noted in the Czech Republic. Negotiations with 370 persons interested of whom 40 franchise partners were selected took place. Thanks to this quick expansion, CENTURY 21 Czech Republic has become the most successfully developing international region of CENTURY 21 of the year 2009. The interest in the CENTURY 21 brand has not fall away even this year; the company has entered into cooperation with eight new trade partners during the first two months.
CENTURY 21 is currently represented in the Czech Republic by 68 real estate agencies in various phases of opening. CENTURY 21 plans to grant at least 20 more licences by the end of the year and would like to have a representation in the overwhelming majority of Czech towns over 20,000 inhabitants within two years.
There are currently roughly 400 real estate agents in the CENTURY 21 network and so, together with branch managers, assistants, and the headquarters, almost 650 people work for the company. It is confirmed that not only clients are looking for a company in the market that can offer them professional approach, but that real estate agents themselves are looking for necessary support for providing professional and above standard services. An increase in the number of the CENTURY 21 agents by 100 % by the end of this year is expected and the total number of the CENTURY 21 agents could exceed 1,000 during the year 2011.
CENTURY 21 wants to become the real estate number one also in the Czech market by 2013 as the CENTURY 21 brand is e.g. in the USA, China, Japan, France, and many important markets. The main ambition of CENTURY 21 is to convince Czech customers or potential clientele that real estate agencies are able to offer high-quality services and that a well trained agent is able to offer clients really first-class service, observes ethic principles, and brings a business transaction to the successful conclusion quickly, safely, and to the full satisfaction of the client. CENTURY 21 wishes to share its experience from abroad, where the CENTURY 21 brand has been representing high quality, reliability, and certainty for forty years, with the Czech real estate market.

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