Buying a Property

To own a property brings a large number of advantages. Apart from the fact that for a long time this is one of the safest forms of depositing money, it is also necessary to see other inestimable benefits – e.g. the comfort of housing in your “own” flat or house, no limits set by the landlord, the feeling of stability, etc. The buying process however means a time-consuming and sometimes even psychically exhausting step to many people. An agent has data and experience from previous business transactions available, will answer your questions, will share his or her professional knowledge with you, will find adequate properties for you, and will do all paper work that is connected with a real estate transaction. Using local information and the knowledge of market trends, professionals from CENTURY 21® will help you to reduce your selection in order to speed up the whole process of buying your property that you have dreamt up.

What can you expect from the first meeting with a CENTURY 21 real estate agent?
A CENTURY 21 agent will talk with you about the locality where you wish to live, about property prices in the given area, schools, transport, neighbouring shopping centres, and residential areas. He or she will further describe each step of the whole process to you to reduce stress connected with the whole transaction – maybe the greatest financial transaction of your life.

Why to choose a CENTURY 21 agent for this process?
Our agents undergo regular training and have access to the latest information from the local real estate market. Thanks to this, they will find a new home for you quickly and at the adequate price. A guarantee on provided services in the form of an undersigned “Obligation towards the Buyer” that will be handed over to you by the agent is also important to you. He or she guarantees in it to provide you with 21 highly professional services connected with finding and ensuring the purchase of a property. Our agents can even save you a lot of money because using their knowledge and arguing skills they are able to negotiate the best price with the seller – see "Creating an Offer".

What Property and at What Price?
Before you begin to look for a suitable property, you have to consider your situation. Does it pay to buy a property or to live in lodgings? Will you pay for the property in cash or will you use a mortgage? What is your credit limit in case of using a mortgage, so how expensive the property to be bought should be? What bank will give you a mortgage under the best conditions?  In cooperation with CENTURY 21 Financial Services mortgage consultants, a CENTURY 21 agent will be an excellent adviser when you are answering these questions. If you are interested in making a custom-made mortgage, please contact your CENTURY 21 Financial Services mortgage consultant at or by means of an online form to get more information.

Are You Already the Owner of a Property?
Buying a new property and selling an existing one at the same time brings certain difficulties. Key aspects are the correct timing of each step and a perfect contractual solution to the whole transaction. But everything can go smoothly when it is planned well. Before offering your property on the market or undertaking to buy a new one, please contact a CENTURY 21 agent.

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