CENTURY 21® Academy

Obtain Professional Training!
Education belongs among the basic pillars of the CENTURY 21 system. The sophisticated agent and agency manager training system brings qualified professionals to market who offer clients a high standard of provided services. The CENTURY 21 training system will show you a well-proven method of advertising properties and winning clients, creating marketing plans and market analyses, selling techniques, and other tools that you will use during negotiations. The CENTURY 21 training is regularly ranked among the world’s Top 100 corporate training by the prestigious Training magazine. The CENTURY 21 training system is designed so that it helps you to acquire real estate education and develops your skills necessary for success.

If also you wish to develop your knowledge in the real estate industry, please contact us.

CREATE 21 CZ includes a basic real estate agent selling skill course that builds solid foundations for starting a successful career in the real estate industry. Our experienced trainers help agents to learn selling techniques and acquire negotiating skills.
CREATE 21 CZ applies the knowledge of real estate professionals from advanced real estate markets to conditions of the Czech environment. They teach how to use some of the most effective tools for looking for business opportunities and target marketing.

IMA is a course intended for CENTURY 21 system real estate agency owners or managers. You will learn within this course how to make the best of advantages of the CENTURY 21 system and how to manage your real estate business as effectively as possible. The course specializes especially to key areas of the recruitment, leadership, motivation, and retention of real estate agents. Participants also acquire company planning and management techniques.


Other Educational and Training Courses
There are other specialized educational and training courses prepared for both agents and real estate agency owners that are devoted, for example, to improving selling techniques, telephone arguing skills, photographing properties, development, and investment. In CENTURY 21, we adhere to the motto that education never ends and learning is a continuous process!