Concluding a Transaction and Handing Over a Property

Concluding a Lease Contract
If you have selected a property and approved the rent amount, the deposit and the advances for services, the preparation of a lease contract is before you. Although the process of letting develops very positively for your benefit and all is relatively simple, do not let anybody make you not use legal services for drafting or commenting on a lease contract. The checking of the material and formal aspects of a lease contract is very important for every tenant; therefore, prepare a lease contract with the assistance of a CENTURY 21 real estate agent, who undergoes legal awareness training, and an independent lawyer. Before concluding a lease contract, we recommend you to take advantage of the last possibility of inspecting the property. This is your last chance to make sure that all approved items are prepared for your advantage.

Handing Over a Property
Undersigning a lease contract is followed by the final meeting where the landlord hands over the property to the tenant. A real estate agent assists you in taking over the property and will usually prepare a handover report for taking over that he or she will go over point by point with you and the landlord. If everything is all right and according to the lease contract, the fundamental part comes – you will finally get keys to your new home!

It is necessary to protect your home by means of insurance. How detailed insurance policy you will want is only up to you. Moreover, the landlord takes out such insurance of a property that protects the property mostly against natural disasters, a fire, a theft, and vandalism. Do not forget to check that insurance policy. An insurance policy can also be extended to include the insurance of personal property – i.e. furniture, bicycles, and the like.

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