Getting a Licence

Requirements for Getting a CENTURY 21® Licence

The current franchise partners of CENTURY 21 have come partly from reputable real estate agencies or from highly experienced agents and partly from successful people from other industries, such as multinational corporation managers, who wanted to build their own company under the head of a global company. A condition for getting a CENTURY 21 licence is therefore previous success, professionalism and further growth potential. CENTURY 21 selects only such people who want to work hard on themselves and who know that it is not a question of months to build an efficient and prospective company. Many heavy demands, including financial ones, are put on CENTURY 21 franchisees. Each of the franchisees has to pay the initial franchise fee and have funds for starting to run a real estate agency, which has to meet exacting international criteria for operating a real estate agency under the CENTURY 21 brand, at their disposal. To get through all successfully, they have to undergo a large number of professional training and practical training including consultations in the field. The agencies receive support from the headquarters in activities that are connected with the sale of properties. It is also advantageous to provide this professional training centrally, which is a quicker, cheaper, and more satisfactory way. In addition to the trademark and its reputation, this means especially education and training, marketing, providing necessary IT technologies, and of course many advantageous commercial conditions with CENTURY 21 suppliers.

Criteria for Selecting Franchisees

1. Motivation of a person interested
2. Financial capital
3. Skills, abilities, and experience in managing a real estate agency
4. Willingness to cooperate and learn new things
5. Being without criminal records

10 Steps to Get a CENTURY 21 Licence:

1. Contacting the headquarters through an online form
2. The Initial Meeting with the Commercial Director
3. The presentation of the company CENTURY 21
4. Undersigning a Confidentiality Agreement
5. Reading a Franchising Agreement
6. Consulting about a contract
7. A Business Plan
8. Application of a person interested
9. Commission on admission
10. Undersigning a Franchising Agreement

A real estate agency is still owned and managed independently even after joining the CENTURY 21® franchise system.