Handing Over a Property and After-Sales Service

But the work of a CENTURY 21® agent does not end with completing the legal aspect of the transfer of an ownership. We know that a lot of work in which we want assist our clients is still waiting also in this phase.

It is necessary to watch the date when the transfer of a title is made in the Land Register as other steps, such as the payment of the purchase price and the handover of the property, can be tied up with that moment.  On handing over a property we elaborate a handover report on the basis of which you will hand over keys to the property being his or her property from that time to the buyer.

Also certain tax liabilities are connected with the sale of a property. We will watch the time for submitting the real estate transfer tax return instead of you, will assist you in filling in it, and will ensure the elaboration of an expert opinion for the purposes of the mentioned tax. We will also assist you in transferring energies to the new owner and, in case of need, also in related services such as moving, clearing out, and the like.

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