Letting a Property

When looking for properties for letting, more and more clients use services of real estate agents. An agent has data and experience from previous business transactions at his or her disposal, will answer your questions, will share his or her professional knowledge with you, and will do all search and paper work that are connected with a real estate transaction. Using local information and the knowledge of market trends, professionals from CENTURY 21 will help their clients to reduce their selections.

What can you expect from the first meeting with a CENTURY 21 real estate agent?
A CENTURY 21 agent will talk with you about the locality where you wish to live, about property prices in the given area, schools, transport, and neighbouring shopping centres and residential areas.

Why to choose a CENTURY 21 agent for this process?
Our agents undergo regular training and have access to the latest information from the local real estate market. Thanks to this, they will find a new home for you quickly and at the adequate price.

What property and at what price?

Before you decide on what property to let, think about your life style, current and expected needs in the area of housing, and your budget. It is good to create a list of requirements concerning what you would like to have in your new home and to arrange them in order of importance – you will soon find out how to search for the right home containing a balanced ratio between “I have to have” and “it would be nice to have”. It is also important to consider the locality because this is also a substantial part of any place of housing.

When you know what you are looking for, it is time to solve what you can afford. It will be necessary to evaluate your earnings, savings, monthly expenses, and loans or instalments and, if need be, also the amounts that you want to continue to save in spite of the monthly rental expenses. Your CENTURY 21 real estate agent can also assist you in this.




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