Looking for a Property

When you already know your budget, you can start to work on the most important thing: prioritization for your selection.

At the first meeting, your CENTURY 21® agent will fill in a so-called “Wishes and Needs Form” with you to make clear your priorities in the following areas:

  1. The locality and amenities – Do you wish to live in the busy centre of a big town or in a sleepy suburb? Do you have young children and is the proximity of schools, preschools or children’s playgrounds important to you? Consider how a usual day of your family looks like and adapt the selection of a suitable locality to that.
  2. The type of a property – Are you looking for a spacious residence, a small house or a flat? Shall this be the place where you will live permanently or a weekend house or are you buying a property as an investment for subsequent letting?
  3. A new building or an older property – Do you prefer traditional houses and flats or do you like modern architecture with minimum maintenance requirements?
  4. Accommodation – Is a balcony important to you? Do you need necessarily a cellar or other storage spaces? Cannot you imagine your life without a pool?

All of this is questions that you should answer before you begin your search.

The primary internet research can be done by you yourself or by your CENTURY 21 agent instead of you. Before making a date for an inspection itself, please contact an agent and discuss the “pro and con” of individual offers with him or her. Agree on what days and times of inspections are convenient to you and the rest can be left to him or her. A CENTURY 21 agent will make an inspection plan and will go to all of them in person together with you. Thanks to his or her experience, he or she will find also possible hidden problems of a visited property or, on the contrary, will advise on how to eliminate “flies in the ointment” by making a simple alteration.


After each inspection, make a list of what features of the property you liked and what features you did not like. The agent will create an evaluation system in cooperation with you that, along with your notes, will help you to reduce the selection in order to make looking for your new home faster.

Creating an Offer
A CENTURY 21 agent will be your invaluable helper also in negotiations with sellers or their real estate agent at the moment when you decide to buy a particular property. It is possible that some more negotiations between you and the sellers will take place before the final agreement on the conditions of sale. This is a quite usual thing for a CENTURY 21 agent and he or she will guide you professionally through the whole process. Rely on his or her experience and professional qualification thanks to which he or she is able to negotiate even a reduction in the price of a property just before buying it. Just before the final confirmation of your interest in a purchase, the agent will read the reservation contract with you and explain all its points.

Financing a Property
During the interval between undersigning a reservation contract and a sales contract, you have time to solve financing.

  • Cash

In case that you have the required amount in cash, you will avoid a loan approval procedure and the transaction can be concluded very quickly. Cash payment will also be rewarded by a possible discount by a large number of sellers. At the same time all buyers paying in cash should consider possible drawbacks of such transaction. For example, when acquiring a property as their primary residence they will lose tax advantages provided by the state for mortgage loans.

  • Mortgage

You have verified before that a loan in the required amount will be granted to you – what is now at issue is to get the best possible conditions. Our professional mortgage consultants from CENTURY 21 Financial Services are independent and cooperate with all banks and building societies in the market. There are many financial products and so just thanks to their independence of a specific bank our mortgage consultants are able to select such product of a bank or of a building society that suits financing your intention the most. Our mortgage consultants from CENTURY 21 Financial Services will be very glad to discuss your ideas and the possibilities of buying a property with you. Services provided are free of charge; please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to cooperation with you.

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