Looking for a Property

At the moment when you are ready to visit properties according to your ideas, ask your CENTURY 21® agent to plan inspections and to ensure that you will not visit the properties that you have already seen in the past. After each inspection, make a list of what features of the property you liked and what features you did not like. Create together with your agent an evaluation system that, along with your notes, will help you to reduce the selection and make looking for your new home faster.

As soon as you find a property of your dreams, it is time to begin to solve the financial and contractual aspects of a lease. Let your CENTURY 21 agent to guide you through that process. He or she will find out instead of you how much properties in the vicinity of the place where you would like to live are let for, how high charges for services you have to pay, and whether it is necessary to invest in repairs. It is also good to know which features of a property increase or reduce the rent amount and at the same time the amount of the charges for services. It is usual that a landlord receives more offers to let his or her property; therefore, let rather your CENTURY 21 agent to discuss the offer with him or her.

There are large numbers of activities and care required by properties that the owner should see about and that are connected with the ownership of properties. These are in particular:

  1. Safety – Every property requires regular inspections and checks (electric wiring and equipment, gas equipment, a chimney, etc.)
  2. Keeping a property in repair – These are running repairs and replacements (painting, replacing carpets and other floor coverings, coating wooden or metal surfaces, etc.)
  3. Renovations and modernization – After several years, a property requires reconstruction (external insulation, roof replacement, gas boiler and heating system replacement, etc.)

The owner of a property has to have reserves created for each section so as to be able to react to both the planned maintenances, repairs and renovations of the property and incidental and unexpected surprises and to secure the smooth use of the property. Check whether these costs are paid by you or by the landlord and agree on these facts in the lease contract.

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