Negotiating and Concluding a Business Transaction

A buyer scarcely ever offers the same price for your property as the advertised one. Be patient. Your CENTURY 21® agent will find together with you, with a buyer and, if need be, with his or her agent such price on which you all agree. And just at this moment the negotiating skills of your CENTURY 21 agent are indispensable. But the final decision whether to accept or refuse an offer is always yours.

As soon as both the parties come to an agreement on the conditions of sale, your agent will draw up a reservation contract with the buyer and collect a reservation deposit from the buyer – the confirmation of his or her binding decision to buy your property.

Sales contracts are always prepared for us by lawyers. As soon as all elements of a sales contract are agreed on, the CENTURY 21 agent will call you and the buyer to meet concerning undersigning that contract. When the sales contract is undersigned, your agent will take it to the Land Registry. However, the ownership of a property is transferred only on the day when the Land Registry decides on the permission to enter the record of the title into the Land Register, retroactively as on the day when the application for entering the record of the title into the Land Register was filled.

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