Negotiating and Concluding a Transaction

In case that a tenant is ready to make an offer after an inspection of your property, he or she will contact you and your agent. A tenant should present his or her offer formally, along with stating the required times of undersigning the lease contract and subsequent moving in. If both parties come to an agreement, it is necessary to create a lease contract. It will be prepared for you by a CENTURY 21® agent with the assistance of an independent lawyer.

A final lease contract is to be undersigned by the tenant and the landlord in the presence of the real estate agent who summarizes final conditions in the lease contract and explains the last questions. The signatures of a lease contract authenticated by a notary are not required.

Undersigning a contract is followed by the final meeting at which the landlord hands over the property to the tenant. The real estate agent assists you in handing over the property and prepares usually a handover report that he or she will discuss point by point with you and the tenant. If everything is all right according to the lease contract, the property is handed over to the new tenant.

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