Selling a Property

To sell your home and move to another one is a very emotional decision. Select the nearest CENTURY 21® branch and at the same time an agent who is pleasant to you and has realized the sale of a property similar to that of yours. A CENTURY 21 real estate agent will discuss the ways of selling your property quickly and at the best price with you!

Why More and More Clients Choose the Exclusive Form of Cooperation?

  1. An exclusive offer guarantees offering at the maximum possible price. If the same offer is made by more entities, they begin to compete with each other and press each other to reduce the price, which is unreasonable many times.

  2. An exclusive contract concluded with a CENTURY 21 agent does not mean that your property is being sold by only one agent. Thanks to the sophisticated reference cooperation system, where all agents share offers to buy and sell with each other, any agent from any CENTURY 21 branch office can ensure the buyer. We ensure in this way that your sale will take place as soon as possible.

  3. If the same property is offered by more real estate agents at one advertisement place (as this is usual in case of non-exclusive cooperation), this often results in confusing a client who is going to buy. Information from individual agents may differ and also the price offered by them may be different. Persons interested in buying usually ignore such offers because they are unable to familiarize themselves with them.

  4. An exclusive contract means that you have only one contact person with whom you solve all issues connected with selling. The rights, obligations, and especially the responsibility of your agent are clearly set only in this way.

  5. Clients who are selling exclusively through CENTURY 21 will receive an undersigned “Obligation towards the Seller” where we guarantee in writing the provision of 21 highly professional services.

  6. Even when cooperating exclusively with CENTURY 21, you have the possibility of selling the property on your own and of obtaining a considerable discount on the commission in case that you find the seller. Ask your agent for details.

  7. We guarantee our exclusive clients submitting a regular report informing of the course of selling. You will receive this report from your agent at least once a week or more frequently by agreement.

  8. In the case of exclusive representation we save considerably your time as we can plan inspections and subsequent meetings with persons interested in purchase better. Moreover, we invite for inspections only such clients that we have verified in advance.

  9. An agent who sells on the basis of an exclusive contract has a considerably higher budget for marketing your property on the market. Ask your agent for information on marketing bonuses that we provide for exclusive clients.

Are you ready to begin? If you begin to think about the sale of your property, it is the right time to contact us now. We will answer your questions or direct you to a real estate professional specialized in properties similar to that of yours.

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